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Chimney Repair Services That Can Keep You Safe and Save Money

Having a chimney or other structure in your home is an important safety feature. In order to ensure that you and your family stay safe, you should always make sure your chimney or other structure is in the best possible condition. If you are noticing some trouble with your chimney, it is important that you contact a chimney repair company before it is too late. There are a number of different types of chimneys, and each one has its own unique design and functionality. The following are some of the most common problems that can occur with chimneys.

Cracking or Leaking – One of the most common reasons that people call chimney repair services is because they notice a small crack in their chimney, or they notice some leaking. Cracks in masonry can also develop over time, requiring prompt repairs to prevent even more serious damage. Over time, because masonry tends to get exposed to higher levels of water, which can lead to its deterioration over time. Small cracks can appear very differently depending on the area of the material. For example, some small cracks might form along a seam, while others might form along the flat surfaces of the material. If you notice any kind of cracking or leaking from inside of your house, call a professional chimney inspector as soon as possible.

Leaking From Up Below – Another common issue that homeowners tend to notice during routine chimney inspections is a slow drip coming from the top of the chimney. Some people believe that this is simply dripping from the roof of the house. However, if water is leaking from a top down, it is more likely coming from some part of the chimney. If you notice small amounts of water dripping from your chimney, you should call your local chimney repair services to inspect and find out where the leak is originating from. This will help you avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs that can put a damper on your fireplace season.

No Seam or Drip When a mortar joint at the bottom of a chimney is worn down beyond a certain point, it can pose a risk to people breathing in the smoke and fumes that are produced by burning wood inside the chimney. If you notice mortar that has ripped apart or cracked at the bottom, you should call your local chimney repair services to have this repaired immediately. You can purchase specially designed spacers to place between the mortar joints on either side, but it is often easier and cheaper for a chimney sweep to do this procedure on your own. Before you begin, however, you should make sure that you have a thorough inspection of your chimney by a qualified chimney sweep.

Loose Flue Casing – Loose lids on chimney repairs are a sign of danger, too. These can become disconnected once they have begun to deteriorate, and you should take steps to address this as soon as possible. You can purchase plastic flue caps that prevent the loss of draft, but you can also use dowels, staples and even nuts and bolts to connect the pieces. Having these disconnected from each other can be a hazard not only for your home’s occupants but for you should they somehow become dislodged during a fire.

As mentioned earlier, chimney repairs are best left to professional chimney cleaners who are trained in this area. It is best to get repairs done by an experienced chimney sweeping company who has experience removing and replacing shingles and vents, and using the proper equipment. Companies like The Big Green Egg can offer you comprehensive chimney inspections, cleaning and shaling that can keep your home breathing safely and save you money on home repairs.

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